How to Increase Conversions with The Scientific Method

Heisenberg making money from Science

The Fundamental Flaw in Many CRO Initiatives

With everyone taking a shot at Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) nowadays, I have sat and watched as a very bad habit began to sprout. People are going nuts with A/B Testing without knowing why exactly they decided to test a specific variable over another. Why are you testing this variable? The common answer is, “I am trying to increase my conversion rate”. This is not the right answer.

The reason why you should be testing something in the first place is because you have a hypothesis based on an underlying theory in mind that you wish to prove or disprove. You don’t just keep guessing different variables to test until you improve your conversion rate; that’s like playing darts in the dark. Let’s say you played the guessing game and ended up actually improving your website’s performance. You won’t know why that improvement occurred so that you can make similar changes and improve your rates even further. This guessing game will not take you any closer to having a better understanding of your audience. That being said, I have decided to discuss The Scientific Method with you to help you achieve MUCH better results with your CRO.

The Scientific Method: What is it?

Diagram of Scientific Method ClickMetrix

If you cannot measure it you cannot control it. — John Grebe

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